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Introduction to Dr. Carole's Inner Light

As an Industrial Psychologist and life coach for more than three decades, I finally moved out of my own way to put pen to paper to publicly share my “inner light” with you. Through my life’s journey, I’ve learned that many of us feel stuck in making life-changing choices, meeting life-changing goals, and mastering the knowledge of self! I therefore want to share with you what I know about the importance of how our values impact our thinking, how our thinking impact our feelings, and how our feelings get in our way to take necessary action to create a more meaningful life.

I believe my recently published book, “Moving out of My Own Way: Creating a Life Worth Living” will help you to reflect on your past, assess your present existence, and to optimistically focus on your future by moving out of your own way to actualize your dreams. Prior to this release, I was also honored to contribute one of my lessons to the No. One best seller, “The Strength of My Soul: Stories of Sisterhood, Triumph, and Inspiration”.

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How will you benefit by what I have to say as a

Perhaps by my sharing of my journey of twists and turns, courage and trepidation, risks and wisdom, you too will learn how to:

• Forgive yourself for allowing any unpleasant impact points in your life to immobilize you.

• Overcome fear and trepidation of the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the untried by worrying less, loving more, and optimally living within precious moments God has granted you.

• Shift your thinking to become unstuck by recognizing and accepting that you have a higher power who is in total control of all we do.

Dr. Carole Hysmith

Moving Out of My Own Way

There are five lessons I have learned from the introspection gained from writing about my life in these two books that I want to share with you to create a life worth living.   This journal writing and “YouTube” lessons are the inspiration behind my “Inner Light” mirror, reflection, and life journey. These lessons include:

1. Gaining Confidence: The Painful Process of Looking Within
2. Introspection: Evaluating My Strengths and Weaknesses.
3. Recognition: The Freedom of Choice is a Gift from God
4. Self-Awareness: The Journey Through the Tunnel of True Love
5. Keep God first: The Release of anxiety, control, worry, and frustration

My “Inner Light” Impact Points

The impact points within my “inner light” journey are spiritual, practical and contemplative in nature. Most of what I share is testimonial-based, grounded in insight, personal and professional experiences, and some from researched data.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to learn how to consciously create a life worth living. To do this, as mortal human beings, much inner work is required. If you are to remove negative thinking and enhance your positive thoughts, the desire must be there to change your life.   If you are interested in “Carole’s Inner Light”, you are either curious about me, my life, my choices, or simply longing to create a life worth

What’s to Come

In preparation for what’s to come, note that I am on a humbling lifelong journey. My goal is to maintain a spiritual path to live the balance of my life with zeal and worth. In other words, I am creating a life worth living! I sincerely hope you will enjoy my skill of life coaching of truth, wisdom, and courage. I also hope you too will learn valuable lessons to spiritually create a worthy life.

A Humbling Journey

This introduction to “Carole’s Inner Light” closes with some spiritual and heartfelt thoughts. After almost two decades of living in the “Bible Belt”, my journey has directed me into a place or time in my life where I am truly “God Centered. This type of feeling could have only occurred when I moved out of my own way! Once I developed a spirit of maintaining my unequivocal faith in God’s commandments, which is not always an easy process, I was lifted up and began to exemplify my Christian spirit through my daily walk. My journey’s end is a spiritual place where I consciously and consistently recognize and acknowledge that I am a child of God who loves me unconditionally. 

The Strength of My Soul

The strength of my soul

Recently released where I am one of the twenty-seven co-authors

Moving Out of My Own Way:
Creating a Life Worth Living

Moving Out of My Own Way: Creating a Life Worth Living
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Private and Public Organizations

Parents of same-gender loving children

Same-gender loving men, and women

Married couples, engaged couples, cohabitated partners

Single men, single women

Mothers and fathers who have estranged family members

Anyone who may need advice on becoming more self-aware to enhance their personal
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